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People today pull out mobile phones or digital cameras and take their own photos. The internet has led to everything being public and images spreading all around the world. When I started over 25 years ago, nothing was digital. You couldn’t view your images as soon as you had taken the photo. It was all taken on 35mm film. You had to take it down to the lab and wait anxiously for them to be developed. Now you can view them straight away.
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    Mikes Music

    Mikes Music

    Mike Flokis Music Photography

    With his charm and contagious energy, Mike draws in clients and celebrities a-like, grabs their attention to deliver and shoot images of natural light almost in any condition. He takes advantage of available light and tries hard not to use flash as often as possible. With much enthusiasm and passion, he always is on the lookout for natural backdrops making a normal setting feel like it was shot in a lighted up studio.

    In 2007, he joined one of the worlds biggest photo agencies, Getty Images. As a freelance photographer, Mike continued to cover events he had previously been attending in the past with the introduction of new ones such as Rosemount Fashion Week, AFI Awards, MTV Awards and as the preferred photographer for many of Sydney’s VIP functions.

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